The Consultant

Nina Moore is a licensed professional school counselor and teacher. Since beginning her career in 2014, Nina has had a passion for education and helping others. After completing her master's degree in applied psychology at New York University, she has leaned into her unique skillset in facilitating growth in others by assuming the role of accountability and thought partner with others. Nina enters the consulting world with a wealth of knowledge around structuring and maintaining routines, setting SMART and achievable goals, and master level problem solving and critical thinking skills. Whether you’re looking to maintain a routine already in place, reach stability in a sector(s) of your life or begin a new venture, ACE Consultancy is here to partner with you in trial and success. 

The Mission

The mission of ACE Consultancy is to meet partners where they are in their personal journeys and usher them through the actions, reflection, and accountability needed to progress toward their goals. We do this by providing personalized coaching to partners who are ready to make real changes in any aspect of their lives.